Take Off Color CBD Infused Makeup Remover

Dermatologically Tested + Clinically Tested + Allergy Tested + Tested for safe use around eyes + Vegan + Cruelty Free + No added color or fragrance + No drying alcohols + THC Free (non-psychoactive)

Great for all skin types, waterproof, & long-wear makeup

Free of Parabens, Formaldehyde, Pthalates, Sulfates, PEG's

Packaged in Sugarcane PE

Made of over 50% natural ingredients

A lotion remover that works like an oil


Pioneering a "Clean Beauty" makeup remover that treats the skin as it works.

Specializing in calming, soothing, and balancing the skin as it removes makeup.

Bringing a new makeup remover with CBD to the market. This oil in water emulsion works like and oil but comes in the form of a lotion.

Make sure to shake well before using!